Inheritance Law

In the event of a death, those affected are inevitably confronted with the subject of inheritance law. Often, no thought was given to this beforehand, as death is still often suppressed today. Yet it is important to deal with one's own estate planning and to react correctly in the event of an inheritance. Since this situation often involves a lot of emotions or internal family sensitivities, it is important when dealing with inheritance law mandates that, in addition to answering legal questions, we also deal with mental needs in an empathetic and confident manner.

Often, our clients turn to us with questions such as: What is the legal succession? What is the succession when a spouse dies? What do children, stepchildren and siblings inherit? How high is the statutory compulsory portion and how is the compulsory portion calculated? When is a will useful and how is a will drawn up? What is the difference between an inheritance contract and a will? How is real estate inherited? What is a legacy and what is a division order? What happens in the inheritance certificate procedure? How much is the inheritance tax?

It is advisable to consult a lawyer for inheritance law with these and all other inheritance law questions, who will answer your questions with sound and specific knowledge.

Due to existing specialization, such a competent contact person for inheritance law in the law firm Günther is personally available to you for all concerns and questions of inheritance law. In close consultation with you, we develop succession solutions tailored to your needs in the area of asset provision and asset protection. We represent you in and out of court throughout Germany in all matters of inheritance law. We solve problems and conflicts in a structured and determined manner.

The core areas of our inheritance law department include in detail:
Drafting of wills and inheritance contracts as well as their revocation, contestation and interpretation 
Inheritance certificate proceedings
Securing assets through anticipated succession (gifts) with the drafting of transfer agreements, in particular with regard to real property
Settlement of heirs in communities of heirs
Regulations of business succession
Liability of heirs, inheritance
Compulsory portion and compulsory portion supplement law
Preventive powers of attorney and living wills
Law of succession and litigation